Architectural Rendering – A Boon For Modern Architects


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While working on a construction project, especially while constructing or building a house, the clients and the architects desire to have a clear vision of the final outcome much before the entire process of construction begins. In order to achieve the same goal various technological practices and scientific methods are used and applied. If you want to know more, click on the link.


Visualizing an architectural design –

Architectural visualization is one of the widely used methods to provide clients, engineers and architects a feel and vision of what the final project shall look like. This means materializing an architectural design before the work starts on the same. It involves vivid 3 dimensional presentations and sometimes interactive virtual tours also.

Types of Visualizations

In the older days, architects and builders happened to use two dimensional (2D) sketches, drawings and floor plans to explain their project to the potential buyer or customer. This practice is still largely prevalent in the construction industry. But it sometimes fails to give an actual idea of the final project to the customer.

On the contrary, the three dimensional (3D) visualization offers a multi dimensional picture perfect view of the actual project and its surroundings. Through the high definition images one can experience the building’s interiors, landscaping, exteriors and also the neighborhood buildings.

A supremely useful tool of the trade

Modern architectural visualization has established itself as a beneficial tool for buyers, architects, engineers and also the builders. Making design changes and project alterations are far easier and cost effective for all thus providing them with a better sense and understanding of the final product.



3DModelling Of The Property For Sale


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Real estate builders generally do not invest their own money in the big real estate projects. They invite investors or the buyers for investment so that the construction work of the real estate projects can proceed smoothly. However, there is a stiff competition in the real estate industry so it is quite challenging for the real estate developers to attract the potential investors in their real estate projects. One of the best ways by which they can enhance their scope of attractinginvestors is 3Dmodelling of the real estate projects. 3Dmodellingor 3D rendering is the advanced method by which photorealistic rendering and animation and attractive visualisation is created. This visualisation is the animation of the completely finished real estate project.

Everything in 3D technology

With the blueprint of the property, you will be able to locate the direction of the room and decide its size. This will give you a clear idea about how your constructed property will look. Hence, with the help of 3D technology, 3D flooring, room designs, furniture designs and a visualisation of things in your house can be done. You can even learn the shade of colour that will look better on a particular wall of the house.

3Dmodellingand rendering shows the projectexactly as it would look after the finish. 3Dmodelling gives a visualisation of your house or office so that you can get a closer look of your property.  When the real estate developers get this type of services, it becomes easier for them to show their projects to the investors and buyers so that they can make up their mind to invest in the project.

Get Your Project Approved With 3D Visuals


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The 3D visualisation has proved to be effective in several fields, but it has had a great impact on the real estate sector. The architects can now make a virtual video of the interior of the building for the sample purpose. However, creating the life like pictures is not easy as it may seem. It requires a lot of knowledge as well as good analysis skills. The graphic designer needs to consider light intensity, shadows produced by the sunlight, reflection of the windows, architectural view of the building and the local surroundings also needs to be considered. These things collectively make the picture perfect and provide the customers with the life like virtual view. This product visualisation proves to be of great help in presenting the final building.

These 3D images provide better understanding to the whole project. These real estate companies use these 3D images and videos to advertise their projects on hoardings or on various digital screens for the marketing purpose. Contact us to more about us.

Great help for getting the project approved

In a real estate sector, it is mandatory to get the projects approved with the government planning commission officials. These officials analyse the structure of the building and then approve the project so that the company can proceed with the construction work. If the models are wrong or not very clear then there are chances that your approval application for the project may get rejected. The 3D project model provides the officials with a better view and everything is made clear so that they can easily analyse your project and approve it instantly.

Make Your House Look Unique With 3D Tiles Flooring


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Being a homeowner, you always wish to make your house the most beautiful one. You can make your wish come true with 3D flooring. This type of flooring offers a completely unique surface. You can have the floor in your house that displays various images with 3D effects. Such flooring looks completely amazing. Most of the homeowners install this type of flooring in their houses because they are well aware of the advantages that are associated with it. Contact us to more about us.


3D tile flooring looks very stylish. Everyone who will visit your house will surely appreciate your idea of 3D tile flooring. The benefits offered by such kind of flooring are discussed below-

  • Durable – 3D tile flooring proves to be very durable. It means such kind of flooring can last for a very long time without demanding much maintenance. It will make your house look different from other houses.
  • Waterproof – You can clean your 3D floor with water as it is completely waterproof. Water will not damage it. It is actually water repellent so it does not absorb moisture.
  • Ease of installation – It is easy to install 3D tile flooring in any area of your house. It will be easier if you make use of conventional cement for installing it.
  • Heat resistant – 3D tile flooring is heat resistant. This is another reason for its higher durability. It remains free from damages that may cause due to fire or heat. This feature is not offered by other types of flooring.


3D Floor Plans For Including Every Interior Detail


Article Written By: Square Edge

3D image rendering has become a very valuable technology in the present world. The image shows not only the external look of a structure but also displays the interiors because every homeowner likes to have a glamorous and striking interior. However, the major aspect of the interior of any house is the floor. While you want to invest much money to decorate the interior, you need to be careful of the floor design. With the use of 3D flooring image, you may get a better idea of the suitable elements to be added to the structure.

By applying three dimensional figures, you may match the texture and colour of your floor with the design of walls. 3D renderings, used extensively in the architectural fields, help the designers and architects in making out the proper flooring designs.

What is included in your floor planning

Architectural three-dimensional flooring includes the design, which presents an apparent view of background. The details, incorporated to any standard flooring plan, are-

  • The overall area
  • Closets
  • Location of the windows
  • Frames of doors
  • Shower systems
  • Beams
  • Many other integrated systems

To say more clearly, the 3D images also include-

  • The volume and space, available in each of the rooms
  • Evaluate the relationships in between all the rooms
  • Find out the look of a room after the placement of furniture
  • Elucidate the points of exit and exit
  • Good reference to plan for renovations or decorations of rooms

Thus, 3-dimensional floor planning is one of the important parts in many instances. These plans of building comprise the details on all the horizontal and vertical aspects. Like many other architectural schemes, 3-dimensional floor plan is also intended to allow builders in interpreting every data before construction.